Interview by Julio Cesar Bocater for Rock Underground 10/24/2004

RU - Tell me about In An Outrage.

David T. Chastain: Here is info on the Cd which can explain it better than me:

Metal legends, CHASTAIN, return with a vengeance on their newest recording "In An Outrage." Joining guitarist David T. and vocalist Kate French are new additions, drummer Larry Howe and bassist Dave Starr. You may recognize their names as they were the rhythm section during the "classic" Vicious Rumors' years.
"In An Outrage" is the band's first release since 1997's "In Dementia." "In Dementia" rocked the metal world with its intense sophistication and Kate's dominate voice.
David states, "In Dementia" was the stepping stone from pre-Kate CHASTAIN to the current model. We are now touching on influences that run the gamut of old school and new school metal. It was strange that some of my solos on this new Cd sound like they were lifted from my "Instrumental Variations" Cd in 1987. I have no explanation for that. Overall the sound of the Cd is very strong. Probably the best mixed Cd of the CHASTAIN discography."
Kate furthers describes the new Cd, "I think by far it is the best lyrically written CD I have ever done. As for the vocals...I've added a lot of dynamics this time. I tried to mix sensuality and passion with strength. Kind of like Dio meets one of those phone sex women. Heavy meets seductive and breathy. It's hard to imagine, you just have to hear it, it's unique! Musically, this one is definitely the best CD I've done with CHASTAIN."
Kate, who wrote all of the lyrics adds, "I tend to write about things that happen, or people that effect me. I'd say 90% of the time that is what I write. I release my emotions through my songs. When you're writing about personal experience it gives the listener a chance to relate."
The dynamics on this release are very apparent from acoustic intros, heavy 8 string bass, crunching guitars and full all out double kick drum madness. Picking a high point from the 10 very strong tracks on the Cd is very difficult for CHASTAIN.
David states, "I tend to favor the heavier, slower and moody types of tracks. There are 3 on this one that rate with the best of all the CHASTAIN stuff throughout time."
CHASTAIN originally recorded their first Cd in 1984 and it was released in 1985. Therefore the band is approaching a 20 year milestone. The band has a legacy of 7 great Cds spread over that time frame. "In An Outrage" makes a major contribution at number 8.
Members of CHASTAIN have gone on to play with acts such as Alice Cooper, Cinderella, House of Lords, King Diamond, Cannibal Corpse and many more. CHASTAIN's music has been covered by numerous metal bands with Hammerfall being the most recent to do so.
David comments, "If you would have asked me back in 84 did I think there would still be a CHASTAIN in 2004 I would have laughed at you. I have a tendency to move from musical direction to musical direction at the drop of a hat. However this lineup has what it takes to be the best CHASTAIN line up of all time.

RU - Why does the delay between In Dementia (97) and In An Outrage (2004)?

David T. Chastain: We started working on this Cd back in 2000 but Kate had some personal as well as medical reasons for some delays. However the long timeframe has enabled us to make sure everything was as perfect as we could get it. We actually had the Cd finished over a year ago but we had to arrange the release schedule to make everyone happy. The band is on a major label in Japan (Toshiba-EMI) and they had to push the release date back a couple of times but it all worked out for the best.

RU - Is The Chastain band you, only? Or is The Chastain a real band?

David T. Chastain: I have been the only member who has been in the band for the whole time. However Kate has been in the band for 10 years so you would have to say she is an equal partner. We hope Dave and Larry will be with us for future releases but as you know in this business nothing is etched in stone.

RU - Tell me about Dave Starr and Larry Howe. Are they new members?

David T. Chastain: Yes when we started working on this Cd Kate was married to Larry. (Recently they broke up but still are good friends.) Of course Dave and Larry have been friends for many years and so it made logical sense to get those guys in the band. Both of those guys are metal veterans like myself so we come from the same metal school so to speak. I think they both did a great job on the new Cd and hopefully the band will stay intact for the next Cd.

RU - You are a Virtuosity musician. Do you think important virtuosity in music? Because, your music has virtuosity, but doesn't the most in Chastain band.

David T. Chastain: I think that whatever the music requires is whatever the music requires. Whereas some of my older instrumental Cds are the most difficult to play and the SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN the simplest to play does that make one better than the other? Some people can play a million notes a minute and not really make music in my ears. Then again just because someone plays something slow doesn't make that emotional. Art is art and it is definitely in the ear and eyes of the beholder. However to me the song is the most important thing. I don't really need to "show off" to stroke my ego. I have other Cds that I can pretty much go overboard with guitar solos.

RU - Tell me about Kate French. She is a beautiful woman and a great singer!

David T. Chastain: Kate is exactly as you describe. Plus she is a great person and hard worker. She is also a very good songwriter and live performer. Hopefully more of the world will soon discover her great talents.

RU - Do you have another bands yet, or at the moment, only Chastain?

David T. Chastain: Chastain is my main concern at this time. I also have another band called SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN that is more heavy blues rock that I also record with from time to time. I also do instrumental Cds but now days those are more jam oriented and aren't that much of a time consumer. I also produce other bands if it is something I really like. The most recent band I produced is called KINRICK and features x-Firewind vocalist Stephen Fredrick and Vainglory guitarist Corbin King. A really great traditional metal band. That will come out in 2005.

RU - Tell me about another bands of your label, like Firewind and another else!

David T. Chastain: Leviathan Records has been in existence since 1985. Originally it was created just for my music but over the years we have expanded our roster to include bands such as Firewind, Joe Stump, Kenziner, Manilla Road, Candlemass, Vainglory and others like Kinrick. However in 2005 we are trying to take the company back to its original intentions and only release stuff that either I play on or produce. I have been working way too hard on other people's stuff and life is too short so you should enjoy it while you can.

RU - In An Outrage, Malicious Pigs, Souls The Sun and Rule The World are the beast tracks of In An Outrage. Speak about them.

David T. Chastain: All of those turned out great but it is hard for me to really say that I think one song is so much better than the others. Give me a couple of years and then I can look back and be more subjective. After releasing as many Cds as I have one thing I have learned as that time tells a different story. Some tracks that I wasn't necessarily happy with at the time of release I think are great now.

RU - Another day, I was in a CD store and I saw a vinyl from C.J.S.S. (I don't remember its title) and your picture in that LP is very stranger! Your look was almost poser, like American bands in 80's! Tell me about the difference about you, your bands and American scene between 80's and today!

David T. Chastain: Well....that band put out 2 Cds back in 85/86 so that was quite sometime ago. So I guess the look of the band is more in line with other bands from that time zone. The band played American US metal and was actually quite popular during that era in the US. It was never my favorite band but it was fun while it lasted. In the 80s metal was king. Even if the more popular bands were commercial, it still helped all metal bands. MTV aired metal videos all the time and it was the "golden era" for metal in the US. Today it is much more difficult plus there are 10 times as many bands releasing Cds. Therefore there are more bands going after a smaller audience with much more resistance from mainstream press, radio and retail. With that said it is still great to make music, even if only for yourself.

RU - Many bands and many musicians say about USA Rock/Metal scene today, and all agree the American scene is very better than five or seven years ago. Do you agree?

David T. Chastain: Yes it is better than it was in the 90s but not as good as it was in the 80s. Hopefully things will keep improving and we can get back to where metal belongs! Riding high and taking no prisoners!! RU - Finally, when will we see David T. Chastain in Brazil? David T. Chastain: Hopefully in 2005. We would love to tour Brazil. Every time we are in a serious discussion something happens to prevent it. Brazil is one of the few places I haven't played that I sincerely hope to one day.

CHASTAIN "In An Outrage" Cd $9.99

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