Interview with drummer Larry Howe

1) Tell us what was the recording process in laying down the drum tracks?

Larry Howe: First, I had to learn the songs mentally, then we actually had a few rehearsals with Dave, Kate, myself and David Chastain's guitar tracks and click track blasting through a P.A.! It was a completely new and different way for me to approach playing music with a band! But it was fun!

2) What drum set did you use?

Larry Howe: I used the same kit I've been using for the past 20 years! My Ludwig classic rockers!! There's just something about them tubs, they feel good and sound good, and the price is right!!

3) What are some of your favorite tracks and why?

Larry Howe: My favorite tracks would probably be, "Tortured Love" and "New Beginnings" but I love Kate's scream in "Malicious Pigs" the best! That last "pigs" could simple rip the varnish off an antique armoire!

4) Are you happy with the drum sounds?

Larry Howe: As long your asking, I probably would of went for a fatter snare on some of the tunes but I like the way they mastered them up and all..The studio I recorded in has since upgraded and now has an in-fu#%ing-credible drum room! Trident studios rocks! ( thanx Juan!)

5) What are you currently working on?

Larry Howe: Currently, I'm working on a buzz, no really, my van Halen tribute band ( ) has been getting some fun gigs, were doing a series of "after-party" shows coinciding with the Van-Hagar shows in our area, we think the people ought to get to hear the REAL songs, ya know, "Mean streets" & "Take yer whiskey" & "Unchained" to name a few, and of course --Hot For teacher, from where we take our name! Its very high-energy fun music to play and keeps my chops up! We got an awesome guitarist in the group and I love doing the backgrounds vocals! Other than that, anybody need a drummer??

6) Who are your main influences?

Larry Howe: My influences have remained the same for many years, simply in this order....John Bonham, John Bonham and John Bonham, oh- and uh...Ansley Dunbar, Terry Bozio, Alan White, Bill Bruford, and throw in a little Billy Cobham and some Louie Bellson and Louie Armstrong and you got ME!!

7) How did it feel working with your fellow Vicious Rumours alumuni Dave Starr?

Larry Howe: Ever since Dave and I mended any old break-up wounds from the VR era waaaaaayy back when, jamming with or hanging out with Dave has always been just fine! He's has always been a solid bassist if ever there was one and it was nice to have him along on this project.

8) If you could choose any musicians, (dead or alive) and form your super group, who would be involved.

Larry Howe: HHMMM....would that include me?? well, I would have loved to Jammed with Jimi Hendrix, with Jim Morrison on vocals and Jon Entwistel on Bass, throw Bonham in there and ya got a helluva jam!

9) Any new bands out there that you like?

Larry Howe: I really can't say I've listened to anything new, except my friend Marco from "Nameless Crime" heavy metal from Italy!! There's also a local band here "Re-Ignition" that has a very cool vibe going, somebody better pick them up soon! Other than that, I listen to 20-30 year old music daily!

10) What are the future plans for your music?

Larry Howe: Future plans? refer to question 5 for that, I'm just getting by these days, entertaining the possibility of re-joining VR but nothing solid there as of yet. I imagine that I'll be playing in some bar in the year 2030 screaming out "Born to be Wild" to some fellow 70 year-olds!! That should be a sight to see!!!

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