Leather interview with Yuli Vayer of Metal Hangar 18

1. Hi, congratulations on the amazing record.
Thanks for the welcome back!

2. Reunions have been quite popular recently, how did you and David come up with the decision to reunite again?
David and I have been in touch over the years. I can't give one decisive moment! We had been more in touch through my last musical venture, so with that communication we began to write. And honestly all the supportive Metal heads had been asking and waiting patiently for a while.

3. Both of you were the engines of the band, what it feels like to be back on board after a 21-years-long absence?
It feels like we had just taken a 2 week break! Not much had changed as far as our working together! Of course we have both grown, but it was the same intense experience in the studio and the creative process!!

4. You had released five studio records with Chastain by 1992, did you miss the band?
I do, its been along time!! I certainly miss the running around the country touring. Its a cool feeling when you have a gang of people playing music together away from home!! It's you against the world.

5. What have you been doing during the time you weren't busy with music?
I have been involved with my other passion, working with animals. I consider myself quite blessed to be able to find 2 fulfilling ambitions in life!

6. Tell us something about your first clashes with music. How did you decide to start singing? Who were the musicians that influenced you the most?
I was raised in a catholic church that had a choir. Every Sunday we would sing anything from Led Zeppelin to Fleetwood Mac!! I then became involved in musical theatre. But even before that as a very young person it just brought me joy, it came naturally. As I got older I was into the big arena rock bands back then, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, Zeppelin. When I came to California in the 80"s I was introduced to the music of Ronnie James Dio, and I never looked back!!

7. You have a quite specific voice. How do you keep it in shape?
Water, sleep and practice!!!

8. Tell us something about each of the projects you have participated in, besides Chastain.
I did a Cd last year with The Sledge Leather Project. Sandy Sledge was a friend from my first Metal band "Rude Girl". She drums and writes like crazy, so we put some music together as released an indie Cd called "Imagine Me Alive". Check it out, Im very proud of it!

9. Is Sledge Leather still active and may we expect something new around it?
Sledge Leather is working on a song that will be part of an Italian Tribute Cd.

10. How much common projects you and Sandy Sledge have been partnering in?
You can get the info on the Sledge Leather Facebook page. I'm putting all my energy into "Surrender to no one"!!!!!

11. Do you prefer working in _ all-female or in a mixed formation?
I want to work with people that have impeccable music talent. I have no concern or interest in their gender!

12. In 1989 you released a solo record, did David helped you or you did it all by yourself?
That Cd was David's idea, so of course he helped. I used some of his music, his band members, his studio. I certainly could have not accomplished "Shockwaves" without him.

13. In your opinion, what led to the end of Chastain in 1995?
I have no answer for that. I was not involved after 1990.

14. The new record was in stores for two weeks now, how do the fans and the critics respond to it?
We have always got mixed reviews from critics, that's a given with the type of material that we do!! The fans, our friends are welcoming it with open arms!! They have always been there for us!! Their loyalty is extremely appreciated!!

15. What was that new thing you put in "Surrender To No One"? Was it easy working with David again?
Its never easy working with a musical genius like David!! He expects a lot out of me!! And as I repeat often, I am not a easy vocalist in the studio, >>>>>> As far as anything new from me. Not sure that is possible. When I open my mouth to sing the same aggressive, throaty, metal sound just comes. I breath it!! I cant be anything else.

16. Which one of your records you consider the most successful?
That's a hard question. I listen to all of them and just hear what could have been better. Im proud of them all, but would like to redo the vocals at the same time!!

17. Are you planning on supporting the record with a tour and coming to Europe? Would you play in Bulgaria?
You would have to talk to David about that. He is the captain of the ship!!

18. Any last words?
Thank you for your time and support through the years.
Go to www.chastainmetal.com
You can find my Facebook link there "Surrender to no one""!!! Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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