Leather interview by Joel Costa from Against Magazine

AGAINST: Congratulations on "Surrender To No One"! You have made a fantastic job with it. Are you happy to be back?
LEATHER: I am extremely glad!! Thank you

AGAINST: What most reminds you of the early CHASTAIN years and what were some of the highlights that you had with the band?
CHASTAIN: Chastain will always have a certain style and guitar sound that brought me back in time!! Everyday in the studio is a highlight, I consider it a blessing for the opportunity!! It's all hard work, so when the Cd is complete, that is the highlight everytime!!

AGAINST: 30 years after, what significance do you attach to the band's name right now? Have any bands ever expressed your influence on them?
CHASTAIN: I am reminded often that we were one of the first to do a female front! That never really crossed my mind in the day!! To me Metal is Metal, gender not involved! I do have vocalists tell me that I have inspired them in some way to pick up a mic a rock!! There is nothing better to hear!!

AGAINST: And how was it to work again with David?
CHASTAIN: The same intense, hair splitting way it has always been. He knows what I can do, and makes me do it, if it takes all night!!! I am no walk in the park in the studio! It is indeed an accomplishment when we are done!

AGAINST: How do you compare this "Surrender To No One" to the other records with you on vocals?
CHASTAIN: Well, as I have said my balls have finally dropped!! I can now sing in rich lower registers which I had longed for in my earlier days! But I still maintain that throaty style.

AGAINST: "Surrender To No One" is very intense"! How were you able to bring that energy and intensity to the studio?
CHASTAIN: With Chastain at the board, it is not a problem I have a love, hate relationship with the studio!!! It challenges me, so energy is never a problem. You have to dig to do what your made to do!!!

AGAINST: What's next for CHASTAIN? Can we expect a new studio album with you on vocal duties?
CHASTAIN: There are no definite plans at this time for the future! But as with all Things Chastain, we let in happen I just want everyone to dive into "Surrender to no one" and feel it!!

Thank you so much for your time,
Joel Costa

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