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Guitar World-Ted Drozdowski
Mummy flick fans will dig the sin-in-the-sand lyrics of "Hamunaptra" but classic metal fans will love the team of guitarist David T. Chastain and singer Kate French, who carry a torch for mythic themes and burning guitar on this their band's first release in seven years.
Chastain, who heads Leviathan Records label and also records as a solo artist, strikes a balance between sweet and hot melodic solos and gigantic chordal crunch, and French has the range for sultry growling and high tones that soar or shriek at her whim.

Metal Maniacs-Mike G
I quickly turned to In An Outrage (Leviathan Records) by someone I know well, guitar-hero David T. Chastain's band, Chastain, with leather-lunged Doro wanna-be Kate French. Here, traditional metal is the appetizing entree. David invents the riffs and produces, Kate writes lyrics and melodies (bassist Dave Starr and drummer Larry Howe provide the competent rhythm section). Recorded in Germany, California and Georgia, this Outrage is simply more of the same from a man who refuses to ever stop playing his guitar. Hey, it's good to have constants in this ever changing music biz of ours, and David T.-like death metal's Chuck Schuldiner-is one of those true believers in his particular vision/craft. May he go on forever!

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles-Carl Begai
This one's for the Chastain fans that couldn't figure out what the hell David T. was doing during the 90's. The cold shades of modern-edged nu-metal that people accused the guitarist of fooling with on Sick Society (95) and In Dementia (97) are gone, replaced by the more familiar, decidedly warmer old school strains of classic 80's Chastain. Riffs aplenty backed by whiskey-throated singer Kate French, and she's never sounded this good. Killer moments; Women Are Wicked, Hamunaptra, Malicious Pigs and Lucky to Be Alive.

Chastain In An Outrtage
Released: Leviathan Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Rick from

Chastain are back with a Vengeance. 2004 marks the 20th Anniversary of the band and IN AN OUTRAGE is the bands 8th release in that time. Though the band hasn't released a CD since 1997's IN DEMETIA David Chastain hasn't been idle. Besides working with his Leviathan Records label David has also released a CJSS reunion album, 2 discs with his blues-rock band Southern Gentlemen and a number of solo releases. So needless to say Chastain has been a busy man. Not only does IN AN OUTRAGE mark the bands first release in 7 years but it marks a return to the roots of Chastain. I have to admit that I thought that SICK SOCIETY and IN DEMENTIA were a bit out there compared to some of Chastain's classic earlier releases but with this new release there is no doubt that the band has found a great balance between their classic past and the modern present. Joining David and vocalist Kate French are drummer Larry Howe and bassist David Starr who were previously members of Vicious Rumours.

Sirens usher in the new and improved version of Chastain with the opening track "In An Outrage". The vintage Chastain sound is back with crunchy yet melodic guitar work that melds beautifully with the gravelly, smoldering voice of Kate French. The new rhythm section of Starr and Howe is punchy and gives David T the solid backbone to highlight his shredding skills. French shines on the mid tempo romping "Lucky To Be Alive" which deals with the fact that most people don't recognize how good they have it. Even the simple fact of living makes most people lucky. The first single and one of the strongest songs on the disc is "Bullet From A Gun". The band has even gone so far as to film a video (which is excellent) that introduces the newest line-up of the band as an energetic unit that puts on one hell of a show. Hopefully Chastain will tour behind this release so the metal world can be reintroduced to one of the genre best hidden gems.

Its amazing that it has taken 7 years for Chastain, the band, to release this album. I have also been listening to the remastered, re-release of the classic Chastain albums THE 7TH OF NEVER and THE VOICE OF THE CULT and I think it is safe to say that after forging a more modern sound with their 90s releases, Chastain has returned to a sound that is more akin to these 80s releases. Kate French, though much more rough vocally, is a great replacement for Leather Leone and is the perfect accomplice for David T in his quest to "outrage" the metal world.

Digital Metal-Shawn Pelata
David T. Chastain has long had a reputation amongst older metal fans as a master shred-guitarist and label entrepreneur. As owner and operator of Leviathan Records, he has basically cut out the middle man when it comes to getting his music, as well as the music of others, into metal's molten streams. 2004 marks the return of David's namesake unit Chastain and, make no mistake, he's back in a big way! I have been a fan of Chastain since the very early 90's and the release of For Those Who Dare. This caused me to seek out the bands earlier work including Voice Of The Cult and 7th Of Never (both of which have been re-issued as a 2 on 1, re-mastered to boot). All were fine examples of guitar-intensive heavy metal, without delving into the overindulgence of Shrapnel-land. Always surrounding Chastain's blistering lead work were strong, well constructed songs.
In An Outrage is no different. Sporting a new line up, including vocalist Kate French (who made her Chastain debut on 1995's Sick Society) and ex-Vicious Rumors rhythm section Larry Howe (drums) and Dave Starr (bass), Chastain, as a band, is ready to step up and show the youngsters how its done! The riffs here are tremendous, and the overall execution of the material by all involved is stellar.
The opening title track is a monster strong, mid-paced head-banger with tons of melody and passion. The same can be said for 'Bullet From A Gun', and 'New Beginnings' as well. 'Tortured Love' has a wicked, stomping riff layered with French's raspy, intense vocals. Vocally, she's a little similar to original vocalist Leather Leone (who appears to have dropped off the planet), but just a little higher pitched. Her blend of rasp, melody, and passion is one of the many shining elements of this record. 'Malicious Pigs' picks up the tempo a bit, getting the sweat and the hair flying. This is one of my favorites on the disc. Howe and Starr drop plenty of tight double kick drum shots and thunderous bottom end throughout this very strong record.
Sonically, In An Outrage is a jewel, totally clean and huge sounding making it a lot of fun to turn the volume up. While there is plenty of variety (and jaw-dropping skill) to be found in the solos, melodies and harmonies David T. implores from song to song, the overall style sticks ever so deftly to the point. What's the point, you ask? Straight up, pure, intense, melodic Heavy Metal music, that's the point. Get it? Good

The Cutting Edge-Todd Smith
In An Outrage

Once again, David "T" Chastain has resurrected his female-fronted phenomenon simply titled Chastain. Established in 1984 as a completive front to Europe's thrash/speed metal scene the band, originally featuring Leather Leoner (now replaced by Kate French), has grown from strength-to-strength. Approaching their 20th year anniversary makes this a timely release considering the last Chastain outing was in 1997.

The most impressive evolution is the production of In An Outrage. From the alarm/siren beginning of the opening track "In An Outrage" to the classic crunch of "Hamunaptra" the record's sound is crisp and clear. That's not to say the raw emotion has been removed - quite the contrary. "Lucky To Be Alive", "Malicious Pigs" and the doom-infested "Souls The Sun" take a chainsaw guitar and stitches together a melody line that works in perfect unison with a dense rhythm section. And the playing is superb. Chastain throws down the hammer to anyone who challenges his legendary status as a guitarist.

Backed by ex-Vicious Rumors drummer Larry Howe and bassist Dave Starr the thickness and momentum of the Chastain-penned compositions take on a cohesive balance. Though the guitar runs the gamete from the acoustic intro of "Rule The World" to the galloping "Bullet From A Gun" the thunderous backbone is right there holding the song on a firm foundation. This enabling the guitarist to push and pull with multiple solos, tempo changes and complex arrangements. Example: "Women Are Wicked".

Though vocalist Kate French is an acquired taste, she is the perfect compliment to Chastain's relentless shred. Her voice finds new freedom in the Dio-esque delivery of "New Beginnings", the balladry of the afore mentioned "Rule The World" and the visceral "Tortured Love". She sits comfortable in the song's complicated structure, which is demanding as the record host influences from Dream Theater and Queensryche to Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

Maximum Metal Review

Chastain - In An Outrage - 2004 - Leviathan Records

David Chastain and company ride in from the wasteland with a new chapter, a different tale to tell, this time "In An Outrage" with a new record of fury filled metal anthems. When lifting this rather vibrant disc out of it's tray liner, a revelation will be revealed. C8. Interesting, and a bit alarming really. This is the eight Chastain album to date, a long and historical career from a true living legend. Chastain and company have unleashed some of the finest metal upon the world, starting out with the sensational Leather Leone at the helm on the classic debut "Mystery Of Illusion" in 1984. Since then David has never compromised his integrity, has never confused or dismissed his fans. Those strong intentions and aspirations are the rivets that hold this metal machine in place, precise nuts and bolts that have held their share of change and mystery over the years, but have never swayed or faltered. Chastain are the provider of fine goods, a rock steady rung on a rather shaky metal ladder of late. While so many bands change ships, replace names, and go with the trends, Chastain has always remained true to his roots, shredding and blazing on every piece of material put in front of him. "In An Outrage" is no different, although I had some suspicions when reading that this may be the most modern Chastain piece to hit the streets. After many listens the modern tendencies are there, but by no means is this a radical change or shift in this man's legendary sound. If anything this is simply a fresh element, one that really ties everything together nicely and still allows room for experimentation. This is classic metal, forged through blood and sweat and no trends or suits and ties can change that.

"In An Outrage" is the second collaboration between Chastain and Kate French. Kate signed up for this mission in '97, and joined on board for Chastain's "In Dementia" record, the first without Leather Leone's strong, charismatic voice. Kate showed she had all of the fire and determination of Leather, really showcasing an amazing vocal ability, one that can shift and change much like Leather's. Her soothing, underlying tone can be rather hypnotic, and at other times her strong aggressive demeanor slides through in a high pitched delivery. Now, eight years later Kate is back and better than ever. Aligning herself once again with David Chastain, they gas and go through ten mighty tunes of heavy metal thunder.

David steps in to produce this gem, with mixing and mastering done by Christian Schmid at the Music Factory in Kemten, Germany. The sound is extraordinary, sounding gritty and raw but at the same time not losing that fresh, polished sound. Along with the fine production and mastering comes a couple of new additions, fine musicians in drummer Larry Howe and bassist Dave Starr. Those of you unaware of those two are probably not up to speed on the Floridian metal scene and a rather important metal band called Vicious Rumors. Both of those contributed on quite possibly some of the finest American metal albums ever made; "Soldiers Of The Night", "Digital Dictator", "Welcome To The Ball", and "Vicious Rumors". It is just awe inspiring really, to think of those talented musicians joining the Chastain force. It makes a perfect marriage and really helps create that extra spark for "In An Outrage".

Musically speaking this isn't a far cry from the past Chastain albums. The more modern power metal feel is here, much like many of today's Euro metal bands, the Brainstorms, the Sinners, the Primal Fears of the world. This neo-classical, classic heavy metal sound is obviously evident, but the more modern tendencies do creep in from time to time. At times I can sort of hear what Priest was experimenting with on "Jugulator" and "Demolition" but it isn't to that extreme. I can hear some stop-and-go riffs, some effects, and even some more groovy elements as opposed to previous recordings. But it is all very minor in the grand scope of things. As I mentioned earlier it is just simply a fresh element, a little extra eye candy after seven albums of staying rather consistent and, dare I say, regular.

Kate French has written all of the lyrics here, and her songwriting is very interesting. She is a very motivational speaker, really demanding full attention on crunchy, aggressive numbers like "Malicious Pigs" and "Bullet From A Gun". Her pen has a lot of lost love in it's ink, with many cuts showing off bitter relationships or lost love. Those sort of messages come across in "New Beginnings" and "Tortured Love". French's rather seductive charm comes into play on the sultry and forbidden "Women Are Wicked". Something completely new to me this time around is her gothic tone. That Nightwish/Evanescence delivery can be found on parts of "Souls The Sun", "Rule The World", and "Hamunaptra".

But enough about Kate, let's talk about the master and commander, the legendary David Chastain. His guitar style is definitely unique, with Vainglory/Kinrick axe-slinger Corbin King and Greece's Gus G. comparing to him in a lot of ways. On "In An Outrage" David pretty much runs the same plays as before, but always keeping it interesting and entertaining. His chops are simply massive, at times playing the modern vibe before exploding into full classic metal mode. Grooves, wicked chops, addictive hooks, and soaring solos are the tools of the trade and David does all of them extremely well. With the addition of experienced players like Howe and Starr, heaven even got a little more glamorous. Favorite cuts for me are "Malicious Pigs", "Rule The World", and "Bullet From A Gun".

Hellride Music-Darryl Baysinger
Chastain(the band)have returned after a seven year hiatus. 1997's "In Dementia" being the last release(which I never heard)from them.
"In An Outrage" shows us that David T. Chastain has not lost any of his metal chops over the years and can still shred with the best of them. Some great riffs, shredding and a little acoustic action sprinkled throughout here. The vocals of Kate French are simply magnificant here.(as well as being very eye appealing) Sounding similiar to predecessor Leather Leone,(I hope this doesn't make her mad)without the drawn out vibratos on the long notes.(they are still there, but just shorter)As with Leather, Kate does come across as sounding very similiar to Ronnie Dio. And like him, writing all of her own lyrics. The rhythm section from the "classic" "Vicious Rumours" years are back playing, well, "jackhammer rhythms".
David T. Chastain - guitars
Kate French - vocals
Larry Howe - drums
Dave Starr - bass

It sounds to me like Chastain(the band)have matured over the years, it also might be due to the fact that there us a different line-up. Anyways, I like this release quite a bit for whatever the reason. I know David Chastain has been busy over the years,(Southern Gentlemen being one of my favorites)being label head at Leviathan Records. One can only hope it will not be another seven years before Chastain release another CD.

Chastain - Bullet From a Gun video(Leviathan)

For regular readers of this section, you will remember I reviewed Chastain's latest, 'In An Outrage' a couple of months back. I thought it was great album then and still do now! They have made a video for 'Bullet From a Gun' from that said album.
We are treated to Chastain performing 'Bullet From a Gun', albeit probably performing to the recording, but still looking good and sharp, with smoke rolling thru everywhere. Not real heavy, but there. They are all dressed in black, with eye candy Kate French wearing a tight leather sleeveless jumpsuit thing. Very metal and very slinky! I don't know if this video is being played on 'Headbanger's Ball' or MuchLoud etc., but it should be! A very high quality video.(In my mind)
The video was sent to me on c.d. in Quicktime format. I like the video. The band look good and I bet they would perform well live. So how about a tour David?

To learn more;

Chastain - In An Outrage (Leviathan Records) Review by Chris La Tray for
It's been a busy year for the Chastain crew in the Leviathan Records camp; earlier this year they put out "The 7th and the Voice", which was a 2-albums-in-one reissue of the first two Chastain albums from the mid-'80s, and now they are back at it with "In an Outrage", the first release of new material from the band Chastain (namesake of guitarist David T. Chastain) since 1997's "In Dementia". If you are familiar with the band, either from the original albums or via the reissue, then you will definitely want to pick up this new record, because it smokes.

David T. Chastain is a guitar virtuoso, period. The guy has talent that most guitarists only dream about. The best part about it is that he doesn't seem to feel compelled to beat the listener about the ears with his chops, and I dig that. Many guitarists of his stature are so self-absorbed that the song seems to exist only as a palette to squeeze as many notes onto as possible, but Chastain avoids that trap. What we have in this band is invigorating, melodic, and highly dynamic power metal -- or power metal sans the lyrical content dealing with dragons and Vikings and all that. Drummer Larry Howe and bassist Dave Starr do far more than just keep up with Chastain; they are both fantastic musicians in their own right. The song structure, the space (despite being clearly a guitar-oriented album), and above all the mix make this a fantastic listen for fans of this epic style of metal. This is the metal I grew up with, not the scream-driven cacophony that seems to be all the rage these days. There are double-kick barnstormers, acoustic interludes, memorable riffs, and dynamics all over the place. That is what makes heavy music interesting -- I could give a shit about all the so-called brutality that seems to rule the genre. .

Kate French provides the lyrics and the voice . . . and what a voice! This woman's voice is scary, both in ability and in delivery. There is a coiled rage to her delivery that most tattoo-covered tough guys can't come close to even faking. In the midst of that is a current of seduction as well, particularly in her breathy, clean moments. I was left wanting to hear more of those parts, but I'm not complaining. As she describes it herself, it is kind of a "Dio meets one of those phone sex women", and she ain't far off the mark. And if having a pretty face fronting the band means anything to you, I assure you she leaves Ronnie James well behind in that department. . . .

. This is a great listen, and impossible to pick a favorite among the ten tracks. If Kate demanded I pick one, I'd have to go with "Souls the Sun", but that could change the next time I listen. This song sums up in one track everything I love about heavy metal. Great dynamics, great instrumentation all around -- just a quality song that will tip you off to what the entire album has to say. If you need to hear solid, chops-laden metal, you can't miss with this album. These are real players playing real songs -- they don't need to rely on any of that Pro Tools, play-it-right-once-then-copy-and-paste-throughout bullshit. The heavy music world needs more of that, and I'm hoping for more from Chastain.

This album has personally been one of my anticipated records in the past 7 years after I fell in love with the dark and demented sounds of 1997's "In Dementia". Having said that, I know my expectations were set too high and there's no way it could live up to them. Fortunately, the latest effort from Chastain is better than it's predecessor in many ways.
First of all, this album leans more towards the traditional Metal sound than "In Dementia", and album that was coming off the heels of the 90's alternative movement and into the "Nu-Metal" scene. I personally liked the angle of "In Dementia" with it's twisted modern sound. "In An Outrage" is equally as intense, but with a bigger and bolder Metal sound that really goes back to the early days of Chastain. I guess you could say this is album falls in between their early work and "In Dementia".
Kate French returns to handle the vocals and she sounds as good, if not better than before. Simply stated, she has one of the most deliciously twisted voices in the business. She can portray emotion and rage better than most of the guys out there, and she's still singing with some melody versus the literal screams you hear from the Modern bands.
I mentioned earlier that this album was an improvement from the last effort. The major area of improvement was in the overall writing and variety of the album. You were taken through the emotions as the pace varied from track to track. You had your Metal moments with "Malicious Pigs", "Women Are Wicked" and "Lucky To Be Alive", but on tracks like "New Beginnings" and "Hamunaptra" you were taken outside the barriers of previous Chastain albums. I suppose some might not care to be taken there, but it does show the musical diversity of the band and adds a different demension to the songs. I think this album will be one that will stand the test of time better than any of their other work simply because they do stray from the blueprint a little bit.
Drummer Larry Howe and bassist Dave Starr of Vicious Rumors fame join the mix this time to provide an even more solid framework for the tunes. These guys already had a history together so bringing them in just solidified the entire band. David Chastain's guitar work was as solid as it get's. He does chose finese over pure speed, much like he did on "In Dementia", but I much prefer the style he chose as it fits well with the songs and Kate's voice. Chastain, Starr and Howe have easily moved forward from their earlier Power Metal days without losing any of the intensity of their previous work.
So, after 7 years did this live up to my expectations?? Yes and no. First of all, after 7 years there's no way in Hell it could! On the other hand, it's an extremely solid album and one of my favorites of the year. It does lack some of the hooks from the first album, but it's more mature and lyrically stronger, so I guess you have to look at it from all angles. I'm far from dissapointed and all in all the band has taken some major steps forward in developing a Metal sound for the new millenium.
****************************************************** by Jonathan Mariante
At last, Chastain returns to the fold! It's been several years since the last Chastain album. A new album has been promised for some time and is finally here in the form if "In An Outrage". It's the third album to feature vocalist Kate French (who replaced Leather Leone), and also includes bassist Dave Starr and drummer Larry Howe, both formerly of Vicious Rumors. Musically, "...Outrage" continues in the style of the last two Chastain albums, mixing the classic Chastain style of the 80s with a more modern, up to date sound. There is quite a lot of Sabbath and Pantera influence to be heard in here, as well as much classic metal stylings. David Chastain himself is very influenced by guitarists like Tony Iommi, Richie Blackmore, and Allan Holdsworth, to name but three. Not to say that Chastain are ripping anyone off; they (Dave in particular) certainly do have a style all their own, Dave being one amazing guitar player, one of the best in the business if you ask me. He shreds like there's no tomorrow on this album, as he always does! Kate is a rough, raw, and powerful singer, with a voice that could shred wallpaper, and Dave and Larry make up a solid as concrete rhythm section!
The songs are all aggressive and heavy, although most of them don't go very fast, except for one. They are mostly played at bascially a slow-to-medium pace, a la Sabbath. This is really my only criticism of this album. I'd like to see them put the gas pedal down a little more. Oh well, maybe on the next album. Production wise, things are kept raw and down to the bone. David produced the album himself, and he and his band have turned out a pure, no frills, top notch metal album, Chastain style. They are all brilliant at what they do, both as individuals and as a unti! Dave's been playing for twenty years now and can still shred with the best of 'em! Hell, he IS one of the best one 'em! Why he isn't a household name is beyond me! This album took a while, but it was worth the wait! Anyone who plays or likes guitar needs to check out any/all of David Chastain's work to hear one of the best shredmasters in the world!

CHASTAIN - In An Outrage (Leviathan Records)
Posted: 9/5/04
Category: Heavy Metal

Chastain, you might know the name, but have you heard the band's music? The group has been releasing music since 1985's Mystery Of Illusion, yet despite their twenty-year history, they are still relatively unknown. They never really capitalized on the MTV video age, and have always operated under the radar.
Headed by guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain, the band has gone through a variety of lineups over the years. Despite the changes, a female vocalist has always fronted the group - Leather Leone until 1990, and Kate French took over when David put the band back together in 1995.
Chastain has always been an original sounding unit. Obviously the female vocals have a lot to do with that. Let's face it, there are very few women in metal, and it's virtually unheard of for a woman to front a group of men. Moreover, both Leather and Kate are not 'girlie girls' either. Both are wicked, venomous, throaty vocalists. Not death metal throaty - just gravely enough, while maintaining a traditional singing approach.
I quite enjoyed the group's previous outing, 1997's In Dementia. In An Outrage is a comfortable followup. David is still delivering dark riffing but they do seem to be a tad less modern this time. The shredding solos of early Chastain releases are kept to a minimum, as David primarily concentrates on writing a big thick riff to center things around. However, the solos that do appear are quite excellent (check out the solo toward the end of "Rule The World").
The songs fall into two basic categories, aggressive mid-to-fast paced tracks ("Malicious Pigs," "Bullet From A Gun," and "In An Outrage") or moody chuggin' tracks ("Souls The Sun," "Women Are Wicked," "Tortured Love," and "Hamunaptra"). For me, I believe the group sounds their best when they are tearing it up on a song like "Malicious Pigs." The 'stalking' tracks with the fatter guitar rhythms just aren't catchy enough for me.
In Dementia possessed four varied tracks that really grabbled me - "Human Sacrifice," "Blackening," "Seven," and especially "Sick Puppy" because Kate changed up her vocals on that one. In An Outrage is well-produced but the choruses are less interesting after track #5.
Of interest is the fact that former Vicious Rumors drummer Larry Howe and bassist David Starr performed on this cd.
The Bloody Truth: There are some mid-to-fast paced moments on this disc that are very strong, but most of the album is a creeper. If you enjoy thick, slow power chord chuggin' you'll enjoy In An Outrage. The female vocals of Kate French may be an acquired taste for some but they do give Chastain legitimacy as a heavy metal outfit and originality. A sweeter vocalist would be out of place. By the way, the band has filmed a video for "Bullet From A Gun." Will MTV2's Headbanger's Ball play it????
Reviewed by: Dirt

Metal's Den-Rick
Artist: Chastain
Album: In An Outrage
Released in: 2004
Running time: 51 min 59 sec
Label: Leviathan Records

It will have taken seven years since « In Dementia » to have a new album from the band CHASTAIN. Since this last album, only the splendid Kate French and her ballsy and hoarse voice remains of the line up with, of course, David T. Chastain. The positions of the rhythm section are ensured by the former members of Vicious Rumor, that is to say Dave Starr (bass) and Larry Howe (drums).

The traditional metal of the band's beginnings, which goes back to 1984, is still present but with the acquired maturity to support it. It's thus on a title such as « In An Outrage » that this comment rests on. The solo is of the up most melodic and diverges in parallel towards a slightly jazz direction and prog at the same time. Another title like « Souls the Sun » adds a print of the Middle East and once again a very inspired solo from David. For the more hard-hitting metal more, note « Bullet from a Gun », « New Beginnings » and the sarcastic « Women are Wicked » where Kate French seems to want to equal the score!

David T. Chastain's production is impeccable giving a slightly more pronounced accent to the rhythmic, Kate French's vocals is at its best and is fits perfectly with the style of CHASTAIN 2004 and finally « In An Outrage » is another good album from the discography of the band but which, on the other hand, will require some listening before appreciating it fully.

Harder Beat-Dale Lammers
In An Outrage is a ferocious power metal outing from guitar Master Dave Chastain. The riffs are incredible and the vocals are pissed off.

Chastain In An Outrage
- Chastian, a band that has played with greats such as Alice Cooper and King Diamond, releases their new album, In An Outrage. With dynamic vocals full of passion and feeling, and hard guitar pieces, the band still has it, even though they are approaching their 20th year. Head banging music at its best, Chastain will put everyone In An Outrage.
Reviewer: Kim Helk new pop
Reviewer's Rating: 7

Slug Magazine-John Forgash
I will give this album one thing-it's got perfect guitar tone!

Transcending the Mundane-Brett Van Put
Chastain - In An Outrage
Country: USA Genre: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM, Power Metal

It's been a seven year wait but Chastain is finally back with a new album. That's not to say the man behind the name hasn't been busy. Since then he's recorded two albums each with Zanister and Southern Gentlemen, a C.J.S.S. album, and produced and played on countless discs, all the time devoting his time, money, and effort to all the bands on his Leviathan Records roster. As a solo artist (David T. Chastain) he has recorded several instrumental c.d.'s. As Chastain, the band recorded several popular eighties albums (1985's Mystery of Illusion, 1986's Ruler of the Wasteland, 1987's The Seventh of Never, 1988's The Voice of the Cult). The nineties were relatively quiet for Chastain (the band). For Those Who Dare came out in 1990. New vocalist Kate French came in to replace Leather Leone on 1995's Sick Society and 1997's In Dementia.

In An Outrage basically picks up where In Dementia left off, although it is a shade less modern and more old school. The over the top shredding of the early days is not as apparent here, as In An Outrage is more about very catchy, anthemic, mid paced metal riff. Songs like "Souls the Sun," "Hamunaptra," "Women Are Wicked," and "Tortured Love" are heavy and deliberately paced. "In An Outrage" and "Bullet from a Gun" are all about the metal. Kate French puts in an inspired performance going from sultry ("Women Are Wicked") to powerful ("In An Outrage"). The new members (bassist Dave Starr and drummer Larry Howe) used to be Vicious Rumors' rhythm section. I'm a big admirer of David T. Chastain and his devotion and help to many talented musicians is under appreciated. Having said that, his Chastain albums are my favorite and I hope I won't have to wait seven years again for the next one.

Album Score: 9 out of 10
Reviewed by: Brett VanPut

Tartarean Desire-Vincent Eldefors-Sweden
Chastain - In An Outrage
Massacre Records, 2004 8/10
Twenty years ago Chastain released their debut album "Mystery Of Illusion" for Mike Varney's legendary guitar hero label Shrapnel Records. It has now been seven years since their last release and there are many who have been awaiting this album for a long time. You probably wish to know if it has been worth the wait. In my opinion, yes. "In An Outrage" is a vivid and powerful album and full of energy that few bands manage to find more than twenty years into your career. This is the first Chastain album to feature the new rhythm section consisting of Vicious Rumors' Dave Starr on bass and Larry Howe on drums. "In An Outrage" is a tight and intense album which, despite having the playfulness of 80s hard rock, is heavy as the place below (trying to clean up my language?).
The raw, whiskey-scented vocals from front woman Kate French also add further to fulfill the sound. At times you wish for more power behind her vocals but she definitely is the personality of the band together with David Chastain's wonderful guitar talents. Her way of singing sometimes reminds of a certain Dave Mustaine. "In An Outrage" relies less on fast songs but more on melodic, moody and heavy music which suits these musicians very well it seems. It is a great, solid album made by some of the most experienced musicians from the American heavy music scene and it makes old-school nostalgia come alive in the 21st century.

CHASTAIN / In An Outrage / Leviathan Records
by: DAN SKIBA of

In An Outrage is the 8th album by Chastain, and marks 2 full decades of making music, although you'd have to go all the way back to 1997's Dementia to find Chastain's last release. For the 2nd time, Chastain has the voluptuous Kate French writing the lyrics for all the songs on this album and emitting the vocals. New to the band, however, are Dave Starr and Larry Howe (from the classic Vicious Rumors years) on the 8-stringed bass and drums, respectively.
In An Outrage contains 10 tracks of unique Classic Style Metal with a very new, original, and contemporary feel to it. The songs are all roughly 5 minutes long (give or take), and each showcases Chastain's original guitar playing style via extended musical passages.

The musical style of the album is clearly its main highlight. It's somewhat difficult to explain. As mentioned above, essentially In An Outrage is no-frills Classic Style Metal, but Chastain has a unique sound to his guitar playing, and the musical patterns are varied enough to give this album a very modern flavor Š not modern as in the Modern Rock sub-genre, but modern as in Chastain "thought out of the box" when configuring the ambience to In An Outrage. There's an evil undertone in there, but not overly so, and there's hostility, but not so much that the music becomes disorganized. Overall, Chastain has created a Metal gem from a pure musical perspective.
Starr and Howe were solid additions to the band this time around. Howe's drum playing comes through varied, and with power and purpose Š he sets an excellent foundation for each song. Likewise, Starr's 8-string bass play adds some distinctiveness to the deep tones, and fills in the gaps quite nicely.
Mix all of this great instrument work together and you'd better have solid production quality to allow the talent to shine Š and sure enough, Chastain does. The sound is stable, steady, and clear, and no one aspect of the music is overemphasized (or underemphasized for that matter).
Overall Rating: B
Release Date: August 2004
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Chastain (U.S.)- "In An Outrage" (2004 Leviathan Records)

If you don't know this name by now, you are either too young to appreciate Metal or too stupid and uninformed about the history behind this guitarist, his bands and projects since the early 80's. Chastain returns with blonde bombshell vocalist Kate French and is probably the heaviest Chastain I can remember since the days of "The 7th Of Never". I will also admit I never did like Leather Leone as far as vocals. She was very rough-sounding and "Barracuda" was totally mutilated by her. Be like Great Kat doing "White Rabbit" to be honest.
10 solid tracks on this release and some recognizable names on the roster along with French and Chastain with Dave Starr and Larry Howe from Vicious Rumors fame ("Soldiers Of The Night" to refresh your memory). The CD offers alot of crunchy rhythms and the patented Chastain solowork that is not like your typical virtuosos. This is one of those guys you can tell apart from others. Seems the further you can go back in time is where you can decipher what guitarist is playing compared to nowadays when you have 400 guys sounding like get the idea.
Fans of stuff like Warlock, Lee Aaron, Saraya should enjoy this...just kick the heaviness level up a few notches however since these other bands are somewhat Hard Rock and not really Metal (Warlock is to a certain extent).

For those of you who speak German:
CHASTAIN: In An Outrage

Songschreiber David T. Chastain Mitte der Achtziger teilweise bis zu drei Alben in einem Jahr veröffentlichte, lässt er es mittlerweile und offensichtlich etwas ruhiger angehen. Oder warum hat es bis zum Release des achten Albums unter dem CHASTAIN-Banner satte fünf Jahre gedauert? "In An Outrage" enthält zehn vom Namensgeber produzierte Songs, die erneut (d.h. seit bereits 1995) von Sängerin Kate French (die alle Texte geschrieben hat) eingesungen wurden. Und langsam dürften die Rufe nach ihrer Vorgängerin Leather Leone verstummen, denn erneut gibt Frau French eine beeindruckende Vorstellung (und erinnert manchmal an eine Mischung aus Ronnie James Dio und Jutta Weinhold). Komplettiert wird die Band im Jahre 2004 von den beiden ehemaligen VICIOUS RUMORS-Recken Larry Howe (Drums und Ehemann von Sängerin Kate) und Basser Dave Starr, die mehr sind als "nur" eine Rhythmusgruppe, sondern echte Akzente setzen. Die hauptsächlich im Midtempo runtergezockten Songs sind vielleicht nicht die Besten, die Herr Chastain (der hier sowohl mannschaftsdienlich spielt als auch solotechnisch brilliert) jemals komponiert hat, aber zum besseren gehört das hier zu hörende Songmaterial auf jeden Fall. Einzelne Stücke hervorzuheben fällt schwer, da sich die Qualität des Songmaterials auf einem wirklich gleich bleibend (in diesem Falle hohen) Niveau bewegt. Man könnte am wuchtigen Power Metal mit Melodie und amerikanischer Prägung allerhöchstens bemängeln, dass er etwas zu gleichförmig klingt. Das eine oder andere Drosseln oder Heraufsetzen der Geschwindigkeit hätte - genau wie eine Ballade, eine Coverversion oder meinetwegen auch eine Neueinspielung eines alten Klassikers - für etwas mehr Abwechslung gesorgt. Aber als negativen Kritikpunkt würde ich das nicht bezeichnen. Eine gute Scheibe, die keinen Fan der Band enttäuschen dürfte.
Veröffentlichungstermin: 30.08.2004
Spielzeit: 51:59 Min.
Kate French - Vocals
David T. Chastain - Guitars
Dave Starr - Bass
Larry Howe - Drums

Produziert von David T. Chastain
Label: Massacre Records


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