by Todd Smith from The Cutting Edge

This is your second effort as Southern Gentlemen. Again it showcases your unique ability to combine original blues riffs delivered with metal precision. "Racing Back To Mississippi" is a great cursing song - awesome for driving at high speeds.

DTC: I have always been a big fan of early ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Allmans and others from that era so I wanted to record some music that was influenced from those guys but with a heavier and more metal approach. I think we have accomplished that goal. "Racing Back" is definitely a high energy good time song that works well for driving or other high energy endeavors.

What did you set about to accomplish with this effort?

DTC: The difference between "Double Your Pleasure" and "Exotic Dancer Blues" is that on the new one it is a little heavier with more lead guitar playing. "Exotic" was more commercial and more true to the original sounds of our influences.

How long had you been building these songs?

DTC: Actually "Double Your Pleasure" was never intended to be a SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Cd. I actually recorded these and a few other songs as the second Georgia Blues Dawgs Cd called "Racing Back." I had a whole other SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Cd written and ready to record. However I just went in one day and added heavy guitars over the Georgia Blues Dawgs Cd and it sounded really good so I decided to also release the heavy version as SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN with a couple of different songs left over from the first Cd.

Do you guys play live as the Southern Gentlemen?

DTC: At this point no. However there are tons of people trying to get me to go out and do some shows so maybe I will breakdown and do it. I really prefer studio work at this point in my career. By the time I go out and tour I could have recorded another Cd.

Another outstanding cover. Care to comment?

DTC: SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN's trademark will always be a sexy woman on the cover. Most of our lyrical content is love/sex/heartbreak driven. On Exotic the cover model was Chastain vocalist Kate French. On Double it was Tammlynn, a model who also did a few of our Diginet Music releases. Both are hot!!

Cool riff "Tell Me Woman," "Not Worth My Grave" and "Love Affair Gone Bad". The songs are rich and full of your classic edge. Do you have to switch hats when you focus on a certain genre that you want to play?

DTC: Not really. For some reason I can go in and play blues rock one day and the next metal and the next acoustic and the next fusion. I have very diverse influences and I like all styles of music that I play. I guess I am a jack of all trades. Even though I play a lot of different styles I still think they have my trademark sound. I think that is pretty unique.

Where did "Slutovirgin" come from? Are these "experiences" coming from your past?

DTC: Very seldom do I write about specific people but a generalization of many. I have just known women in the past who would basically do any and everything imaginable except normal sexual intercourse and then try to parade herself around as a "virgin." While technically true she had still blown half the town.

Great melodic edge in "I Believe In Love" as well as "Tell Me Woman."

DTC: Those 2 were actually the tracks that were left off of Exotic Dancer Blues due to time constraints. So we just rerecorded the drums and remixed them for Double Your Pleasure. They have the more commercial slant of the first Cd. As I mentioned earlier I already have the next Cd written long ago. Most likely it will be called "Ladies of the Night." It will be more in line with Exotic's songwriting but have the heavier edge of Double.

Any plans to incorporate steel guitar, or an acoustic presence with your blues tunes?

DTC: Not with SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN but the Georgia Blues Dawgs might get a little more authentic. When we released SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Exotic Dancer Blues" I was surprised by the positive reception of the metal press and at the same time the indifference of most of the blues press. Actually one track on the next SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Cd will have an acoustic type of intro. But nothing like Muddy Waters or anything. In SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN I always wanted to present the band as it would sound live. Almost no overdubs. Usually one guitar, one bass, drums and one vocal track. As if in a packed, smoked fill nightclub on a Saturday night. When the band is cooking and you are trying to figure out which hot chick you wanted to take home with you.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

DTC: My pleasure as always!!

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