Dave Swart interview April 24, 2008 for "Valley of Fire"

1) What are your views on the new Cd "Valley of Fire?"
Dave: I love the vibe going on in the sound, with the thick bass and smokin drum and guitars. Eric came up with some great lyrics. I really enjoyed recording this album.

2) Tell us about the recording process of your part.
Dave: I received the songs from David T., learned the intricacies of each song, and worked out my bass parts, making sure I was locked in with the drums. Some of David's songs might not sound that hard to play, until you try to learn to play them!

3) When listening to the Cd, how do you best explain the "Style" of the music?
Dave: Heavy rock blues with a back to basics sound.

4) How do you think this compares to the band's previous release "Third Time Is the Charm?"
Dave: In my perspective, Eric and I both seemed more comfortable this time around. Recording this CD was like reuniting with an old friend.

5) What equipment did you use on this Cd?
Dave: Bass: I used my standard Tobias Killer B 5 String and my wife's Ibanez BTB1005 5 string, both have Bartolini pickups and active EQ. Gear: Straight into an API 512B mic preamp (used in older consoles in the 70s, has a very fat sound), from there into an E.L. Labs Distressor compressor, straight to my Alesis HD24.

6) What musicians inspired your performance on this Cd?
Dave: During the recording sessions for this, I listened to some of the older Chastain CDs with David Harbour. I also listened to a lot of Goverment Mule and Iron Maiden.

7) How do you rate the mix of Christian Schmid on this Cd?
Dave: I record and mix albums myself (I recorded the vocals and bass for this album), and I listened intently to the final mix. I was blown away by how clear it sounded, and how much the bass stood out in the mix, as well as the album having that thick hard blues vibe with a lot of low end. The sound of this album could stand next to any album recorded in any well-known studio.

8) What one word describes your view of the Cover art?
Dave: sexy.

9) Why do you think in today's music world someone should buy a Southern Gentlemen "Valley of Fire" Cd?
Dave: Because a lot of music today sounds the same as everything else you hear on the radio -- average musicians can walk into a "high-end" studio and with the aid of a computer, make themselves sound a lot better than they truly are. If you want to hear four great musicians without any of the computerized manipulation that goes on today, pick up this CD. This CD is a really great rock CD.

10) What is your personal view of all of the illegal downloads?
Dave: Stealing music isn't any nicer than holding up your local circle K, there just aren't any guns involved. The problem is how do you police it? It's a very frustrating situation.

11) Any final words to the fans?
Dave: I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I enjoyed playing on it. Thanks for your support!

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