Southern Gentlemen
The Early Years & Playing For Pennies

"The Early Years" and "Playing For Pennies" are 2 compilation Cds from the boys in Southern Gentlemen. "The Early Years" is a compilation from the band's first 2 Classic Cds: "Exotic Dancer Blues" & "Double Your Pleasure." This line up featured David T. Chastain on both guitar and vocals with bassist Kevin Kekes on both Cds. On 'Exotic' the drummer was Dennis Lesh and on 'Double' the seat was taken over by Mike Haid who still holds it today. This line up produced the most authentic vision of the group. This collection also includes the Bonus Track "Losing You."

Track Listing:
1. I Feel So Blue
2. What To Do
3. Exotic Dancer Blues
4. Don't Be Shy
5. Madness In The Dark
6. Tonight
7. Down To New Orleans
8. Give your Lust
9. Ease The Pain
10. Tell Me Woman
11. Not Worth My Grave
12. I Believe In Love
13. Down On My Knees
14. You Should Be Ashamed
15. Losing You (Bonus Track)

In 2006 vocalist Eric Johns and bassist Dave Swart came on board to produce the 2 heavier rockin' Cds "Third Time Is The Charm" and "Valley of Fire." David states: "Adding a real vocalist definitely widened the scope of the material as Eric is a far better vocalist." Whereas the first 2 Cds were more ZZ Topish once Eric and Dave joined the band the music tilted heavier into at a minimum a Hard Rock style and at times Metal. This collection includes the bonus track "Eye of the Storm."

Track Listing:
1. Even Now
2. I'm Down
3. Caught You Red Handed
4. Broken Man
5. Heaven Help Me Now
6. Going Down To Texas
7. Don't Go
8. Love Train
9. Ladies Of The Night
10. Valley of Fire
11. The Sky Is Falling
12. Devil In Me
13. Trouble On the Road
14. Hard Winter
15. Whiplash Girl
16. Dropping Anchor
17. Never Say Never
18. Eye of the Storm (Bonus Track)

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